MBP and Physical Therapy

I am committed to working with my clients toward pain elimination.   This sometimes involves working with other allied health professionals. I especially appreciate working with physical therapists toward these goals.

If you already have a physical therapist who you work with, I would be interested in coordinating with him or her.  If you have specific issues that you have not yet taken to a physical therapist, I have a strong working relationship with Diana Reiss, DPT.   Diana and I can coordinate your care and design a regimen and workout that will help you to stretch, strengthen and realign you body for better health.  You can read more about Diana’s work by clicking here.    Please read what one client has said about her experience of my coordinated efforts with Diana:

I have the privilege of being a client of two outstanding professionals who confer and consult together to restore my level of balance and strength.  Andrea Hodos, my Pilates instructor, and Dr. Diana Reiss, my physical therapist, are outstanding, knowledgeable and sensitive professionals.  Each is careful, gentle and encouraging — yet challenging.  Their work with me has cultivated my sense of determination and a desire to be able to meet new challenges.  Not only have I progressed, I look forward to doing my exercises between sessions.  I am grateful to have Andrea and Diana as my coaches and teachers in the restoration of my balance and physical strength.  Each is an inspiration to me daily. Together, they are dynamite!

S. Fields

Diana takes most medical insurance.  If you are a Kaiser patient, I have relationships with several of the PT’s at the West LA facility as well.

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