PD Client Recommendations

Here is what some of Andrea’s clients with PD have to say about working with Moving Body Pilates:

Several years ago, weekly Pilates instruction with Andrea became a key component of my exercise regimen. The combination of working on strength and flexibility has helped me to be more aware of my posture and to improve it in many ways.  My body awareness is keener and I have been able to maintain my sense of balance even as the Parkinson’s has progressed.  Andrea pays close attention to my specific physical issues, and has designed and revises my workout plan based on these symptoms and on our collective knowledge of PD.   I can tell that the mental work I have to do in order to successfully accomplish and improve in the exercises has improved my motor coordination.

Dan K.

Not only is Andrea’s knowledge and execution of the full spectrum of Pilates exercises apparent, but her ability to pair her expertise with her comprehensive understanding of the physical manifestations of Parkinson’s disease is greatly beneficial to the Parkinson’s Pilates student.  In addition, her positive and nurturing personality is motivational and makes it a pleasure to take classes with her.  I always feel physically stronger and more empowered after a Pilates session with her.

Linda B.

After only had a few sessions, I can already detect an improvement in muscle strength. This is evident, for example, in that I can now more easily get up unassisted from lying or sitting on the floor.  Additionally, my posture is improving and my movements are becoming more fluid.  Andrea is an exceptionally caring and skilled Pilates instructor, and I would be delighted to recommend her to anyone dealing with a physical condition similar to mine.

Bob B.

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