Parkinson’s Resources

Links to articles or lectures that are useful for people managing PD

Click here for a wonderful webinar given by physical therapist Heather Cianci and hosted by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.  Heather has many useful tips – and offers a particularly effective approach to dealing with freezes.

The American Parkinson’s Disease Foundation of Los Angeles has a number of resources locally.   Click here for a link to their homepage, and here for their resource guide.  They also have a comprehensive set of resource links.

Sources related to the work I do which might also be helpful

I connect remotely with a group of physical therapists and Pilates trainers in Oregon who meet regularly to share work and current research coming out of the Parkinson Center of Oregon at Oregon Science and Health University. Initial research has been published in a study in the journal Physical Therapy.  I use this study as a resource in tailoring programs for clients with PD.

Moving Body Pilates has teamed with a wonderful local dance company, Invertigo Dance Theatre, to design a dance class for people with PD called Dancing Through PD.  The founding teaching artists have all trained with the Mark Morris Dance Group/Brooklyn Parkinsons Group Dance for PD program.  Click here to see the video Why Dance for PD? along with some other video resources.

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