Pilates for Parkinson’s

Mobility, Agility, Balance, Strength, Flexibility everyone needs to cultivate these qualities to keep their bodies functioning well.

If you have Parkinson’s Disease, it’s a necessity – not a luxury –  for you to be working on these movement principles.

Pilates can be an important tool in reaching these goals.

Pilates training is a method for balancing the strength and flexibility of muscles throughout the body, concentrating especially on core postural muscles.  I can tailor a program that will help you to strengthen and stretch key areas in your body often affected by PD, and help you to increase and retain mobility and agility. Along with Pilates, I incorporate exercises from sports training and the dance world, all of which, in current research* are demonstrating signs of slowing some symptoms associated with Parkinson’s.

Andrea Hodos received her certification in the Pilates Method from Body Arts and Science International in 2006. She is a remote participant in the Agility Program Trainers and Pilates Instructors Group which meets at the Parkinson’s Center of Oregon at Oregon Health and Science University.  The group reviews and applies research combining Pilates and other modalities for working on strength, flexibility, mobility and agility in people with PD.  Most recently, Moving Body Pilates has collaborated with Invertigo Dance Theatre to design a dance class for people with PD called Dancing Through Parkinson’s.  This class is based on the Dance for PD program of the Mark Morris Dance Group/Brooklyn Parkinsons Group with whom Andrea and the Invertigo teaching artists have studied.  Click here for more information about Dancing Through Parkinson’s classes.

*“Delaying Mobility Disability in People With Parkinson Disease Using a Sensorimotor Agility Exercise Program” Laurie A King and Fay B Horak, Physical Therapy April 2009 vol. 89 no. 4 384-393

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